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Our story.

We are a family-run car dealership in Fresno, California that buys and sells America’s favorite supercars. Since 1993, we’ve sold 2000+ supercars to our clients, mainly Dodge Vipers and Ford GTs.

It all started as a hobby when Marv Rose sold his first Dodge Viper in 1993. One sale led to many and he quickly outgrew the “garage showroom”. Since that time, Marv’s sons, Nathan and Christian joined their dad to make it a family business.

You can come see us at our 10,000 sq ft showroom in Fresno, California. We are appointment-only so let us know when you can come by.


Our Showroom

 We love seeing the look on someone’s face when they enter our showroom for the first time. There’s nothing like being surrounded by some of the most iconic American Supercars!

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